Choosing the perfect Background for your Flat Lay Photography

The background has a big impact on the photo and should be chosen with the brand or the theme in mind. Sometimes inspiration comes from a background.

Things to consider:
  • You can either choose the colour that complements your product or try monochromatic product photography that revolves around a single hue. If your object has a dark colour try and go for a lighter background and if your object has a lighter colour go for a darker background to guide the focal point onto your object.

  • Make sure your background is not too shiny. Go for a matte surface to avoid reflections that will disturb your final image.
  • Look for a background that has some kind of texture. Texture and patina add so much atmosphere to a Flat Lay photography – if chosen carefully this can easily set the whole mood of your photo
  • Avoid using a plain background such as coloured paper. It will most likely make your photo look flat and boring.
  • Fabulous background choices are things like: a marble table, concrete floor, stone tiles, old wood with patina, used cutting boards, wooden floor, an iron tray and bed linen.

If you tried create stunning food, product or flat lay photography yourself, you know that sourcing a beautiful backdrop is super important. Your free options are:
  • DIY. Can be fun but lets be honest, it's time costly and not all of us are feeling arty enough to whip up a realistic looking professional backdrop

  • Use a real surface like a tile or a marble, which is heavy and hard to find

  • Find items that you already have in your household like paper, fabrics, rugs etc or natural elements like sand, rocks, wood, leafs

If you want to step up your game, save time and make setting up your scene as easy and quick as possible, you have to invest in a better solution. Your options are:

Vinyl banner backdrops that are rolled up and needs a surface to tape it on to


Free-standing Flatlaid Backdrops:
  • 600 x 600 lightweight 5mm PVC foam boards
  • Rigid (non flimsy), ready to be used immediately
  • Durable, water resistant + reusable
  • Ultra high resolution textured designs printed with eco-friendly, non toxic ink
  • Matte, glare-proof and non reflective
  • Suited to be used as a photography surface (horizontal) or as a backdrop (vertical)

Both products will do the same job, it's just a matter of preference!