FLATLAID Reviewed by Product Stylist & Photographer Sue Sinko

I recently came across - Flatlaid Backdrops -  who specialise in photography backdrops. Now you probably figure that I have a LOT of backdrops and yes, I do - mainly vinyl sheets that are flexible and roll-up-able (I made that word up, if you’re wondering). They work perfectly fine.  
The backdrops by Flatlaid however, are on another level. They are quite unique and for me, a game-changer! Yes, really! These backdrops are amazing for so many reasons.
So, what makes these guys different?
Flatlaid backdrops are rigid and non flimsy. They provide a perfectly flat, sturdy and level surface for laying down and as a backdrop that doesn’t need sticking to a wall or clamping to a c-stand. They’re perfect for shooting flatlays and styled scenes that are shot at a 45 degree angle or straight on.   
They’re hyper-realistic and matte (highly important for product photography) and come in a range of colours and textures that imitate various surfaces including wood, concrete, marble, plaster, granite, tiles and terrazzo. They’re made from lightweight PVC board and measure 600mm x 600mm x 5mm. An added bonus is that they’re stain and water-proof - exactly what you need for those splash drink shots!

The boards are designed to slot into small plastic clips in an L-configuration. You simply slide a clip onto the bottom board, push the top one in - and you're all set! It’s perfect for mix and matching backdrops and the end result is a flat surface and upright backdrop for product photography. No more using a random stack of items to prop up a board (✋guilty!).
In a nutshell, these backdrops are lightweight and portable which means you can set up your scene within seconds anywhere at home, your studio or on location. You can find and follow the perfect light because getting a great shot is a lot about the lighting. So, all you need are a couple of Flatlaid backdrops, your hero subject, a prop or two or none, and some beautiful natural light to create gorgeous, professional looking images for yourself or to impress your clients!
If you're an e-comm seller, a photographer, a food blogger, a content creator or brand stylist these backdrops are for you. They will make your job of producing images of your product or brand so much easier!
The backdrops I have are Stucco Wall and Peach but I have my eye on Mint, Terrazzo Palm Springs and Beige Concrete. Oh, and did I mention that the backs of these boards are pure white? White boards are always my go-to. 
Below are some shots I took with just the Stucco Wall and Peach (and white) backdrops.