About Us


As a marketing manager & content creator for a big restaurant group on the Gold Coast, I had to constantly keep up with eye catching shots of food and cocktails. When looking for some suitable backdrops to keep all my accounts consistent, I have noticed that most backdrops on the market are Vinyl, which require a surface to be taped on. That didn't really work for me as I wasn't flexible where I was able to set up my shoot to get the best natural light possible, as I was shooting on site. I also had barely any walls or surfaces to tape the backdrops on.

In a perfect world, I needed a sturdy / rigid, free-standing backdrop with a bottom and a back part, that I can put on tables or floor, change over quickly, and move around if needed. This is when the idea of Flatlaid Backdrops was born! After more than a year of R&D me and my partner Jake, have created the perfect backdrops that tick every box for Product, Food & Flatlay Photography - at home or on site!

Rigid ✓ Portable ✓ Lightweight ✓ Free Standing ✓ Ultra Realistic ✓ Non reflective ✓ Waterproof ✓ Wipeable ✓ Quick + Easy Interchangeable ✓

To connect two boards in an L-Shape and ensure they are standing on their own, we have developed some custom clips - the Scene Links. 

The goal is to offer our new backdrop solution to other creators, photographers, bloggers and small product sellers. We love seeing your images and ideas come to life and can't wait to grow the Flatlaid community.